• Robert Guédiguian
  • Fiction
  • 2001
  • 2h25

This is the story of Michèle, a worker at the fish market, whose life revolves around saving her daughter from drug addiction…No, this is the story of Paul, a dock worker who will accept the redundancy pay out in order to buy the car of his dreams…Or maybe of Abderamane, transformed by his stay in prison, who wants to help his brothers and friends…Of Viviane, a music teacher who can no longer stand the cynicism of her brilliant husband…Of Gérard, whose relationship to death, his and the other people’s, is a mystery…Of Paul’s parents, both retired workers who will never vote again…Of Ameline, whose body bursts with the health she would like to instil into other people by reminding them of their premonotheistic origins. Of Claude, Maryse, Yasmina, Tisane, Guichetier or Sarkis…These particular and intertwined stories take place in a same area, at the same time, in Marseilles, on the day before year 2000. They prove, at a time when life is more and more meaningless, that the town is not quiet.

  • Jean-Louis Milesi
  • Robert Guédiguian
  • Bernard Cavalie
  • Laurent Lafran
Set design
  • Michel Vandestien
  • Bernard Sasia
Original score
  • Jacques Menichetti
  • Agat Films
  • Robert Guédiguian
Distribution Diaphana
Theatrical release 17/01/2001
International seller Mercure International

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