• Robert Guédiguian
  • Fiction
  • 2010
  • 1h47

Despite losing his job, Michel lives happily with Marie-Claire. They have been in love for more than thirty years … Their children and grandchildren delight them… They have plenty of close friends… They are proud of their union and political struggles… Their conscience is as clear as their view of life.
This happiness will be shattered along with their French window by two young men, armed and masked, who beat them, tie them up, snatch their wedding rings and flee with their credit cards…
The shock will be all the more violent when they discover that this brutal attack was organized by one of the young workers laid off at the same time as Michel, by one of their own people.
Michel and Marie-Claire gradually discover that their attacker, Christophe, only did what he did because he had no choice. He lives alone with his two younger brothers and takes very good care of them, keeping a close eye on their education and their health…

  • Jean-Louis Milesi
  • Robert Guédiguian
  • Pierre Milon
  • Laurent Lafran
Set design
  • Michel Vandestien
  • Juliette Chanaud
  • Anne-Marie Giacalone
  • Bernard Sasia
  • Agat Films
  • Robert Guédiguian
  • France 3 Cinéma
Distribution Diaphana
Theatrical release 16/11/2011
International seller Films Distribution
Video editor Diaphana

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