Agat Films – Ex Nihilo is a unique collective of producers in France. Both united and independent, similar in our approach to work and commitment but distinct in our tastes and know-how, we operate according to simple, egalitarian and sustainable rules.

Founded 35 years ago, Agat Films – Ex Nihilo produces French and international feature films, documentaries for cinema and TV, series, single dramas, web-docs, live performance recordings and magazines. Be it the result of a recent encounter or a long-term partnership, each Agat Films – Ex Nihilo production accompanies the views that are important to us. As spectators, as citizens, as human beings.

The conviction that lies at the heart of our very special way of working is that solutions often emerge from discussion and that few difficulties resist mutual help. At a time when the production industry is undergoing unprecedented upheaval and change, these values are becoming an invaluable strength.

In 2021, Agat Films – Ex Nihilo brings together five partners: Nicolas Blanc, Marc Bordure, David Coujard, Muriel Meynard and Juliette Schrameck.

However, Marie Balducchi, Robert Guédiguian, Blanche Guichou and Patrick Sobelman continue to produce their projects within the company.

52 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris – France +(33)1 53 36 32 32


Marie Balducchi
Nicolas Blanc
Marc Bordure
David Coujard
Robert Guédiguian
Blanche Guichou
Muriel Meynard
Juliette Schrameck
Patrick Sobelman


Sarah Egry
Stéphanie Garnes
Production assistant
Nima Ghodrati
Head of legal & business affairs
Elisabeth Grange
Production manager
Julie Henon
Chief accountant
Marie-Frédérique Lauriot-dit-Prevost
Legal & business affairs
Bertille Lavenir
Chief accountant
Aurore Pinon
Production officer
Florence Platarets
Production manager
Solange Ramm
Production officer
Julie Rhône
Festivals & catalogue films