Good for goods

  • Lucas Belvaux
  • Fiction
  • 2004
  • 1h34

Sébastien Chantoux, analyst, decides to settle in La Creuse at Royère de Vassivière. In no time, he discovers « Troc’en Creuse » an association encouraging local swapping where you can trade anything for anything else. He realizes that the village is a clientele of swap adepts.Sébastien is at first reluctant to the idea of trading his sessions but, as none of his potential patients have the finances to undertake analysis, he finishes by agreeing to do it. Little by little, his schedule fills itself up and so does his fridge…He adapts to the local customs, by diversifying his methods, and even has sessions with a depressed hunter in the forest. Robert, a farmer, obtains to do his while he’s milking the cows – he says it relaxes his unconscious.In a few weeks, Sébastien becomes a local figure without having earned a single euro. The only one who views this as negative is the strict Laplace, president of the C.P.S., the Creuse Psychoanalysis Society.He tells his colleague to end these base practices. Sébastien stands his ground with the help of « Troc’En Creuse ». A week later, another threat shows in the shape of Miss Oudinot, Tax Controller.War is declared: « Troc’En Creuse » against the C.P.S., convivial economy versus free rein capitalism, supported by a surprise ally : psychoanalysis…

  • Lucas Belvaux
  • Pierre Milon
Set design
  • Frédérique Belvaux
  • Nathalie Raoul
  • Danielle Anezin
  • Agat Films
  • Patrick Sobelman

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