• Loïc Prigent
  • Virginie Apiou
  • Olivier Lemaire…
  • Magazine
  • 2007 - 2011
  • 125 x 43 min

METROPOLIS is a magazine of reports dedicated to the culture of Europe and elsewhere. Why opt for the report format? To give a direct voice to those who create culture and to those who experience it. Because culture is about men and women who create, who seek without finding and who find without seeking, in the cities of every country. METROPOLIS is therefore neither a talk show with commentators, nor a promotional programme, nor a cultural diary. It is an overview of cultural news that leaves room for debate, exchange and sometimes the absurd! METROPOLIS aims to be eclectic, talking about the vibrancy of contemporary dance, pop music, comics and the visual arts. METROPOLIS is broadcast on Saturdays from 11.50 PM and on Sundays at 5.45 PM on ARTE. METROPOLIS is available on the Net with bonus features (longer interviews, additional information) and new sections (including a web review which highlights the passions and idiosyncrasies of our European neighbours). Each subject of the programme can be viewed in streaming mode one week after its broadcast.

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