• Olivier Joyard
  • Loïc Prigent
  • Documentary
  • 2005
  • 52 min

The hype surrounding some of today’s best television series is growing bigger and bigger every season, their stories catching worlwide audiences’ breath as well as accompanying our daily lives, and inspiring our reflexions on love, sex, politics and more. Contemporary dramas and comedies are the most refined that
American TV has every produced, far from the clumsy, somehow kitschy examples from the past that made the small screen a refuge for industry outcasts.Hollywood, The Reign of Series is an in-depth dive into the newly fascinating world of television series, featuring encounters with many of the strong creative minds behind groundbreaking shows (24, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Alias, Sex and the City, The Shield, Eyes, etc.). It is also a voyage behind the walls of this still unknown Hollywood, visiting sets and studios, going to extravagant parties, while examining the subtle mechanisms that provide us with the human drama that we all love. What does it take to have a project go through the layers of the industry ? Now that cable is proeminent, what has changed in the recent years made TV more daring and compelling ? How does TV capture the pace of our modern existence better than any other medium ? Behind these questions and many others, Hollywood, the Reign of Series will help its viewer witness the shift of power that is shaking the industry upside down in Los Angeles : closer to the public’s everyday life, not driven by special effects but by the depth of characters, TV has taken over the type of storytelling that used to make Hollywood movies famous around the world. Welcome to the new Golden Age.

  • Loïc Prigent
  • Emmanuel Guionet
  • Jean-Marc Manivet
  • Agat Films
  • Muriel Meynard

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