• Loïc Prigent
  • Documentary
  • 2007
  • 52 min

Presidential campaigns have got a metronome: opinion polls. But what if one used these surveys not for only for their prophetic value but for their speech value. Because to figure out polls is more or less like figuring out the campaign.Quality polls, not quantity polls. Not those where hundreds answer the telephone by yes or no, but those where a representative panel is selected and brought together for several hours at the hands of an analyst who asks them open questions. It’s naturally very confidential, therefore we not only got one, but two of them. To shoot a quality survey is to film also the preparation, the selection of the sample, the meetings with the people questioned, and the debriefing where professionals analyze these statements.This film is first of all a document on the voice of
common people, their reactions, their frustrations, their expectations in the middle of a hard-fought presidential campaign. The interrogation of ten of them is filmed.With the statements collected one’s enters the secrets of a profession, that of pollsters, with its triumphant lingo, its brilliant shortcuts, and surprising methods.Finally, in contrast to this survey behind closed doors, through archive images and interviews we will how the campaign is perceived on the outside.

  • Agat Films
  • Muriel Meynard
  • ARTE
International seller Doc & Films International

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