• Robert Guédiguian
  • Franck Le Wita
  • Fiction
  • 1981
  • 1h25

Estaque-Riaux in the northern suburbs of Marseilles.Gilbert and his friends are well aware that their lives won’t be like their parents’. The factories are closing down and their future is uncertain. Meanwhile, Gilbert does odd jobs around the port and meets his friends at the local bar. There is Banana, the unshakeable, chronically unemployed painter, Boule, Gilbert’s sensitive brother who realizes that he may end up in jail and Mario, the truck driver who can’t choose between his friends and his family.With its roots in authentic classical cinema, the film comes alive with the force and poignancy of contemporary reality.

  • Robert Guédiguian
  • Franck Le Wita
  • Gilberto Azevedo
  • Luc Périni
Set design
  • Régine Hamzaoui
  • Vincent Pinel
  • Agat Films
  • Robert Guédiguian
Distribution Diaphana
Theatrical release 25/11/1981
International seller Mercure international

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