• Jean-Paul Fargier
  • Documentary
  • 2007
  • 52 min

With everyone repeating that masturbation makes you blind, you end up refusing to have an opinion on the matter…
Through a fictional story revolving around two young modern people who fear nothing, this film evokes solitary pleasure and its countless representations.
Manu and Emma, our two heroes, share their impressions on the blog “M…. the Accursed” whose colourful layout permits every fantasy. Emma uses it to publish her interviews with writers, philosophers, artists and doctors who provide a historical overview of the subject. Manu, the apprentice philosopher, replies to her posts.
To back up these thoughts, the filmmaker Jean-Paul Fargier offers us a very eclectic journey: from the elegant works of Rodin, Klimt and Schiele to Dali’s fantastical ravings, the provocative performances of the 70s and Jan Fabre’s controversial stage productions, from the realism of certain fiction works to uninhibited contemporary comedies, all the way up to the trivialization of sex toys… These intersecting viewpoints of solitary pleasure reveal that masturbation continues to remain an artistic and ideological issue.

  • Ex Nihilo
  • Marie Balducchi
  • ARTE
International seller Doc & Films International

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