Saturn Bowling

  • Patricia Mazuy
  • Fiction
  • 2021
  • France, Belgique
  • 1h54
  • Arieh Worthalter
  • Achille Reggiani
  • Y Lan Lucas
  • Leila Muse

Guillaume, a young and promising police officer, inherits his father’s bowling alley and decides to give it to his lonely half-brother Armand.
A series of murders occur amidst clashes between a bunch of old hunters and a young environmental activist. The brothers will have to face their own demons.

  • Yves Thomas
  • Patricia Mazuy
  • Simon Beaufils
  • Pierre Mertens
  • Jean Mallet
  • Thomas Gauder
Set design
  • Dorian Maloine
  • Khadija Zeggai
  • Mathilde Muyard
Original score
  • Wyatt E.
  • Ex Nihilo
  • Patrick Sobelman
  • Les films du fleuve
  • VOO et Be Tv
  • Canal +
  • Ciné +
  • Canal + International et Wallimage (La Wallonie)
  • CNC
  • La Région Normandie en partenariat avec le CNC et en association avec Normandie Images
  • Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral belge
  • Casa Kafka Pictures – Isabelle Molhant
  • Casa Kafka Pictures Movie Tax Shelter empowered by Belfius
  • Cinécap 5
  • Cinémage 16 et La Procirep et l’Angoa
Distribution Paname Distribution
Theatrical release 26/10/2022
International seller Totem Films
Festivals Locarno Film Festival - Concorso internazionale 2022

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