• Richard Copans
  • Documentary
  • 2012
  • 1h30

This is a simple tale, the story of a man who makes films, the story of a man who seeks to talk about his background, his family and his friends. It’s the story of a man who believes that History necessarily leaves its mark on the story of each and every one of us. I wanted to talk about the films and the filmmaker, get a hold on his path through life. Avoid simple illustration but talk about Robert against the backdrop of History. Like the heroes of his films. And I knew that by asking him the questions that I ask myself, he would talk to me about his work. Even though we have rarely met, our paths were parallel and our interrogations mutual.
I just had to get him to talk. But that’s the easy part

  • Richard COPANS
  • Julien CLOCQUET
  • Nicolas MILTEAU
  • Ex Nihilo
  • Patrick Sobelman
  • Orange Studio
International seller Films Distribution
Video editor EX NIHILO

Photo © Francis Blaise

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