Mauvaises herbes

  • Anne de Giafferri
  • Gilles Blanchard
  • Documentary
  • 2011
  • 52 min

Plants have medicinal, aromatic and cosmetic powers and properties. The knowledge of the healers, traditional practitioners and botanists of the past can be found in today’s phytopharmacology.
Pharmacies are inundated with products for the most part made up of natural plants. And – unwittingly at times – we use certain plants for certain effects. From Corsica to Italy, via Greece and Morocco, this film allows us to discover the primal and ancestral use of wild plants from the Mediterranean basin, along with their contemporary use by phytopharmacology.
Empirical knowledge for domestic use, scientific research for industrial or commercial use, what place does this botanical knowledge have in our society?

  • Ex Nihilo
  • Marie Balducchi

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