• Chantal Richard
  • Fiction
  • 2005
  • 1h30

Aged 33, Lili goes to Africa for the first time in her life, to Agnam, a Sahelian village in Senegal. Her local council has asked her to photograph the infrastructure they financed as part of the twinning of the two towns. Although the immediate affection and curiosity that she
arouses intrigue her, Lili does not really stop to take stock. The photos she has to take protect her when she feels alone and foreign, facing the questions she is asked about her life. In a sense, it is almost without her noticing that
Aminata, a woman her age, lays the foundations of an improbable friendship. However, when Lili returns to Normandy, something has shifted, or cracked… and she is projected differently into the life that used to be hers. In her own awkward and impulsive way, Lili will have to implicate herself and deal with the unsettling sensation that Africa has left her. A constant reflection between Africa and France will guide her through her own path. A path where she will give up safety to be able to grow.

  • Chantal Richard
  • Pierre Stoeber
  • Nicolas Cantin
Set design
  • Marie Le Garrec
  • Agnès Mouchel
Original score
  • Jean-Marc Zelwer
  • Agat Films
  • Blanche Guichou
Theatrical release 05/03/2006

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