• Mirko Locatelli
  • Fiction
  • 2020
  • 1h30

Isabelle is a French astrophysicist, she lives in Italy in a big house
surrounded by vineyards on the hills near Trieste. The sun shines on the countryside, the sea, not far away, crashes against the rocky shore, the landscape is a paradise and her son Jérôme, like every summer, will visit her as he does every summer. Isabelle loves him very much, she is ready to do anything for him, but the meeting with Davide, a young man who is going through a difficult time, will alter the course of their lives and Isabelle will have to make a choice, the consequences of which will be devastating

  • Mirko Locatelli
  • Giuditta Tarantelli
  • Ugo Carlevaro
  • Tommaso Barbaro
  • Massimo Mariani
Original score
  • Mirko Locatelli
  • Agat Films
  • Marc Bordure