• Jacques Deschamps
  • Documentary
  • 2011
  • 1h15

Before being called Romanès, Alexandre’s name was Bouglione. One day, he walked out on the family circus: “Too big, too many big tops, too many trucks, the human aspect had gone.” Twenty years later, he met “the terrible” Delia, a Gypsy from Romania who speaks and sings in Romani.
With her, he had five children, including four daughters, to whom he taught acrobatics, contortion and juggling, and he set up a small circus, which he called Romanès, the Gypsy circus. This family, led by a poet, this clan of acrobatic and musical travellers is determined to preserve what is most important to them, the right to be nomads and free. A difficult task in these times…

  • Agat Films
  • Dominique Barneaud
  • CINAPS Télévision
Distribution Hévadis Films
Theatrical release 04/10/2013
International seller AGAT films & Cie