• Alain Guesnier
  • Documentary
  • 1989
  • 1h35 et 1h15

They are 20 years old and dream of taking their first steps in the world of show biz: photos, radio and television appearances, the Top 10, sell out concerts… They all want to be stars. They have passed the entrance exam for the long course at the Studio des Variétés.
Created by the French Ministry of Culture and the National Author’s Rights Society, this school is a sort of French version of Actor’s Studio. Students learn to sing, dance, improvise and even how to behave in interviews. In short,
everything you need to become a pop star. The atmosphere at the Studio is one of discretion, contained rivalry and seduction. Each exercise is a mini-psychodrama. Learning can be cruel for these “Mick Jaggers” and “Whitney Houstons” of the 21st century but destiny is already calling them. The Top 10 and show biz beckon.

  • Agat Films
  • FRANCE 3
Distribution Doc & Films International
International seller Doc & Films International

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