• Sylvie Faguer
  • Documentary
  • 1996
  • 52 min

Armstrong was an extraordinary character, surviving a tragi-comic chilhood, floating on a marijuana cloud, and mad about music. He single-handedly invented the most beautiful elements of jazz.The film emphasises Armstrong’s mysterious relationship with his ancestral Africa, and with America, where his grandparents were deported, and for which he became one of the most popular spokesmen. The story focuses on Amstrong’s early years and on his first European tour, when his genius was in full bloom. Along with Irakli, the trumpeter who devoted his life to the memory of Louis Armstrong, we will discover the deepest secrets of one of the century’s best improvisational artists. Accompanied by his successive wives and Maurice Cullaz, his long-time French friend, we will enter into his private life, and see him play and sing as no other has before or since.

  • Ex Nihilo
  • Marie Balducchi
  • Patrick Sobelman
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