• Muriel Meynard
  • Documentary
  • 2001
  • 48 min

Growing up is a word that does not mean much. Becoming an adult means even less. Yet we all go through it, without really noticing. There are places where the notion of apprenticeship is perhaps more noticeable than others. Summer camp is one of them.It is a place where the child is confronted, often for the first time, with new situations. It is a space where he or she has to learn to “grow up” a little faster than usual, whether ready or not. This time, it is Camille, Justine, and the two Mathilde’s turn to go away to summer camp for the first time. It is the time of their first separation with their parents, their first secrets shared among girls before falling asleep and their first experience of communal life. “Little by Little” is in fact the story of four little girls. These four little girls who don’t know each other learn to live together for two weeks, adapting to the fact that their parents will not always be there, and perhaps, getting to like it.

  • Agat Films
  • Nicolas Blanc
Distribution AGAT Films & Cie
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