The most precious of cargoes

  • Michel Hazanavicius
  • Fiction
  • 2024
  • France
  • 1h21
  • Dominique Blanc
  • Denis Podalydès et Jean-Louis Trintignant

Once upon a time, a poor woodcutter and his wife lived in a great forest. Cold, hunger, poverty and a war raging all around them meant their lives were very hard.

One day, the woodcutter’s wife rescues a baby. A baby girl thrown from one of the many trains that constantly pass through the forest.

This baby, this “most precious of cargoes”, will transform the lives of the poor woodcutter’s wife and her husband, as well as those whose paths the child will cross – including the man who threw her from the train. And some will try to protect her, whatever the cost.

Their story will reveal the worst and the best in the hearts of men.

  • Michel Hazanavicius
  • Jean-Claude Grumberg
  • Jean-Paul Hurier
  • Selim Azzazi
Original score
  • Alexandre Desplat
  • Ex Nihilo
  • Patrick Sobelman
  • Les Compagnons de Cinéma
Distribution Studio Canal
Theatrical release 20/11/2024
International seller Studio Canal
Festivals Festival de Cannes 2024 (in competition)
Festival d'Annecy (in competition)