• Marianne Gosset
  • Documentary
  • 1996
  • 52 min

What if you, like Rémy Eyraud, were thrown into a completely unknown world? If after being mysteriously attacked at the age of 26, you became a stranger to yourself and your planet, forever condemned to a life that is not your own, among “friends and family” for whom you have lost all recognition and feeling? Rémy Eyraud is 34 today. His first 26 years are forgotten, the last 8, filled with memories. So that he may never again risk being no one, Rémy determined to become “someone”: a champion marksman, golf player or TV host, or
a champion amnesiac, the first to write his “memoirs”.In this documentary, Rémy acts as a camera which “tracks down” his history.

  • Agat Films
  • FRANCE 2
International seller Doc & Films International