• Roberto Andò
  • Fiction
  • 2021
  • Italie, France
  • 1h50
  • Silvio Orlando
  • Giuseppe Pirozzi
  • Lino Musella
  • Imma Villa
  • Sasà Striano
  • Tonino Taiuti
  • Gianfelice Imparato
  • Francesco Di Leva
  • Roberto Herlitzka

Gabriele Santoro lives in a working-class district of Naples and is a professor at the Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella, where he teaches piano.
One morning, while he is shaving, the postman sounds the buzzer to tell him a parcel has arrived. He presses the button to open the door and, before going to pick it up, stops to wash his face. In that brief span of time, a ten-year-old child sneaks into his apartment and hides. “Il maestro”—that is what they call him in the neighborhood—will not discover him until late in the evening. When he does, he recognises the intruder as Ciro, a boy who lives with his parents and siblings in the attic of the same building. Asked to explain the reason for his flight, Ciro does not speak. Nonetheless, the maestro, acting on instinct, decides to let him hide out in his apartment, embarking on a singular, and tenacious, defiance of Ciro’s enemies.

  • Roberto Andò
  • Franco Marcoaldi
  • Maurizio Calvesi
  • Fulgenzio Ceccon
  • Maria Rita Barbera
  • Esmeralda Calabria
  • Agat Films
  • Marc Bordure
  • Bibi Film Tv (Angelo Barbagallo)
  • Rai Cinema
International seller Margherita Zocaro – Rai Com
Festivals La Mostra de Venise 2021 (Hors compétition)
Festival de Villerupt

D’après le livre “Il bambino nascosto” de Roberto Andò

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