• Jean-Claude Guiter
  • Documentary
  • 2008
  • 26 min

Slam, which comes from the expression “to slam the door”, was like a slap in the face for the closed world of poetry in the United States in the 80s, bringing today’s poets out onto the streets.
Since then, slam has conquered the world and France. From the small café in the Ménilmontant neighbourhood of Paris where a few slammers started out, the phenomenon has spread and intensified, creating slam contests around the country, launching writing workshops where people gather every month to listen to words freed of all constraints.
This year, during the Paris White Night, the slammers will come to the Comédie Française and the company’s actors will take to the streets.
What are they going to pass on and bring each other during this night in which worlds and languages collide? What will they discover and explore?
This is what we shall show in the film, where throughout the White Night in the heart of Paris, words are offered to the people who stop to listen to the poets in the half-light .
That is where we shall go to meet the actors of the Comédie Française and the slammers.

  • Agat Films
  • Dominique Barneaud