Code 68

  • Jean-Henri Roger
  • Fiction
  • 2004
  • 1h33

Anne Buridan is thirty years-old and likes challenges.Her latest one : to make a film about May 68.It’s a challenge, not only because she’ll be confronted with a time which is not her own, but also because she’s got a new lover, Blaise, who doesn’t understand this idea, and even more, hates all of those who took part in the event. Anne Buridan is methodical and somewhat obsessed. Nothing nor no-one can pull her away from this project. She undertakes to meet people who exemplify this period. She starts of course with a woman, Marianne, who tells her about a Jean-Pierre Lucciani. This name is not unknown to Anne because it is Blaise’s last name. She’ll go and see him that very day. Jean-Pierre is Blaise’s father. She goes home and hides her findings from Blaise.Anne Buridan has just lost the control of events without knowing it. She’ll need time and many
encounters to realize the obvious: that through the stories of others, one’s is after what composes him.

  • Jean-Henri Roger
  • Renato Berta
  • Jean-Paul Toraille
  • Karim Hamzaoui
  • Jacky Lefresne
  • Laurent Lafran
  • Emmanuel Croset
  • Nicolas Lefebvre
  • Damien Berger
Set design
  • Michel Vandestien
  • David Vinez
  • Armano Santamaria
  • Laurence Struz
  • Gwen Mallauran
  • Carole Borne
Original score
  • Jacno
  • Agat Films
  • Dominique Barneaud
Distribution BAC Films
Theatrical release 29/06/2021
International seller BAC Films