• Jérôme Scemla
  • Documentary
  • 2000
  • 25 min

CITIZEN CAM” is a real TV documentary about the strangest and most disturbing television sucess…But this television is more than realistic: Imagine a TV station founded and driven by the police. Imagine a TV station observing and showing your peers, and all your compatriots. Imagine a TV station where you could produce your own situations.
A TV station that would broadcast live in every home 24h a day, images from the local video surveillance cameras. Finally, imagine that this station would not be part of a dictature, but in Europe, in Iceland, a solid, troublefree, indiputable democracy…and above all, imagine, that the people just love this channel!…
In “CITIZEN CAM”, the TV report crew sent to Reykjavik is interviewing the founder-manager of the channel, head of the local police. He promotes and describes his new media as “the tool of a new democracy”… As a counterpoint, other interviews show all the reactions from the Icelandic viewers; suspicious or fascinated by this video surveillance-channel. Baptised “HumaniTV”, the police network is considered by the fans as the one and only public service station !

  • Agat Films
  • Dominique Barneaud
  • Canal Plus
  • Paris première
  • Saga Films
  • Sylicone

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