• Alain Bergala
  • Documentary
  • 1995
  • 47 min

Cesare Pavese can only be discussed in hushed tones, in memory of his last words, written on the flyleaf of the book “Dialogues with Leuco”, the night of his suicide: “I forgive
everybody and I ask everyone to forgive me. Okay? Let’s keep it brief…” Pavese’s books need to be approached intimately. If the melody of his work touches us, it is because it carries the pain of his life. He is a writer who demands that his readers be solitary and attentive.The film was shot in this intimacy. It attempts to talk about Pavese in a whisper: about his life and his fears, just as one speaks to a stranger in a train at night about someone who was important in our lives and who paid dearly in suffering to help us live.

  • Agat Films
  • FRANCE 3
International seller Doc & Film international

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