• Saïd Ould-Khelifa
  • Fiction
  • 2003
  • 1h35

How to come back from so far? Mehdi asks himself. Mehdi is an algérien writer that fundamentalist violence has transformed into a potential target. How to live with fear? When everything is fear. But also life. Facing Mehdi is Ania, an algerian – born Frenchwoman, the woman next door. She often appears at her window on the court. A disturbing « vis-à-vis ».Ania will unceasingly try to convert this man to the culture of life, to burning passion. By bringing him tea regularly, risking to often find the door close…This all story takes place in “une ville si candide qu’on l’appelait Alger la Blanche” (a so ingenuous city that we use to call her Alger the white). Alger, another essential protagonist of this chronic of an unexpected collision where Marc Perronne’s waltz are increasing that painful feeling.

  • Agat Films
  • Yvon Davis
  • ENTV (Algérie)
  • CIM Audiovisuel (Algérie)
Distribution Heliotrope films
Theatrical release 05/04/2005
International seller Heliotrope films

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