• François Chilowicz
  • Documentary
  • 2006
  • 52 min

A captain, two co-pilots and about ten stewardess and stewards fly away together, without knowing each other, far from everything, to the very end of the world. They take on the responsibility for the plane and its passengers. From the very first encounter, two hours before the takeoff, each one of them has to shoulder its part and they all have to go together. In such a big airline company as Swiss, relations at work are most certainly defined. Within the crew, each one knows who he is, why he is there and what he is supposed to do.This film questions crews’ sociology. We accompany them during their flights and we share the way they consider these ephemeral journeys in the big cities of the world… Packing and unpacking, their lives are like windscreens, composed of permanent ruptures, which request a great adaptability to events and
people. On the one hand the plane’s luxury and modernity, on the other hand great loneliness and tiredness. Far from the clichés and commomplaces related to pilot, stewardess and steward’s professions, this film entirely takes place in planes. An invitation to travel which allows us to share beautiful moments in the sky, just above the clouds.

  • Agat Films
  • Dominique Barneaud
International seller Doc & Films International

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